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As it is not possible to print onto newspaper using the facilities available to me, I have chosen to print my newspaper with a London based company called Newspaper club, they cater for bespoke prints of newspaper so it's ideal for this brief as I only need one of each newspaper I will be designing.

Newspaper Club prints twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, at 2pm London time. Delivery in the UK typically happens 3-4 days after printing, with newspapers often arriving before the weekend, but can take longer.

If you need your newspapers in time for a special event, please let us know when ordering and often we can arrange that for you.


Need to know:

  • The page sizes for both types are 289mm × 380mm (spread size 578mm x 380mm) including any margins.
  • You can see that page 1 is the front cover, and page 12 the back cover. Pages 6 and 7 are the centre spread – that’s the only spread that’s printed on the same piece of paper, so pictures can run across both pages without any breaks
  • Images should be a minimum resolution of 150 DPI
  • If you have a blank page or space opposite heavy pictures or text it is possible that there will be a noticeable ‘ghosting’ impression on the blank area. It is also possible that you will notice ‘show through’ from the other side of the paper

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