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Design For Print: Collecting Images

Within my publication I have chosen to introduce each section within the booklets with a larger image that fills the double page spread, this image signifies the content that section will deal with, I have chosen to this as the images will act as a sort of introduction but will also allow me to include real world images of process such as printing methods in the publication without it taking up space within the spreads that have the information on, as I want to include diagrams and such like here. Using image site Flick I have gathered a selection of secondary images. I have chosen images that are close up, almost macro like shots of processes I think this simplicity that is present within the images as they focus on specific parts of machinery and process and I think this will compliment the simplicity of my diagrams I have used within the publications. I also like the interesting perspectives that is present within the images they really show the beauty in processes which are mechanic like lithography, similar to beauty that is present within processes like screen printing.

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