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OUGD501: Module Evaluation

What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them? 
Primarily within this module I have developed my essay writing and academic skills, I produced a fairly successful essay at level four however I have been able to push my skills to a higher level this year and this first came in the process of research. My research this year was much more extensive and used a wider range of academic sources as well finding research from new sources such as academic internet sites and online journal sites like jstore. As my subject of the internet is fairly new, in terms of academia online journals provided me a more contempoary reference to work from. The extended word count also meant that I was able to push myself academically to use a wider range of quote and focus more on the use of triangulation within the essay. Furthermore the format and structure of my essay also allowed me to develop new skills in research and analysis as, as part of my essay I produced a 1,000 word analysis of Catfish and related this to the theory I had explored in the essay this taught me new skills about not only researching and writing and about theory but relating it to specific examples. 

I have also found this years range of lecture to be beneficial to my knowledge base across a range of subjects areas which can relate to graphic design. The lectures have also helped me to developed a wider understanding of both theory and current issues. 

The theory into practice module has again allowed me to develop and build upon skills which I explored in the first year. Again I felt like I really understood the theory into practice concept within the first year however this year I wanted to push my practical skills to a higher level and bring forward a great awareness of context within my publication. I have developed a greater sense of synthesis within my publication this year which explore how the publication relates to theoretical research, visual research and the analysis catfish I have triangulated these together into the final publication. I have also further developed skills within critical analysis as although I used this skills within the essay it was also needed in order to use the essay as a basis and analyse the essay to produce an effect outcome for the publication.
What strengths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on these? 
I think my biggest strength within this module has been my essay writing skills, I felt that my essay was a strong piece of academic writing that was triangulated, used a range of sources, critical evaluated a contextual example and was structure and written to a good standard. I will be capitalising on these skills within my dissertation at level six. I intended to broaden my understanding of writing with the triangulation method within next year. 

I think finish quality of the final publication is also a strength that is present within my work, the finished quality is finished to a professional standard and the photographs of the final product are worthy for me to place in my portfolio. I will continue to work to this standard at level 6 to ensure that the quality the products I produce continue to have this professional standard as ultimately they enhance the overall success of the finished piece.

What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address these in the future?
I think my publication this year is lacking the concept of thinking through making that is part of working in a synthesised way.  I think my publication demonstrates an understanding of theoretical concerns but these theoretical concerns have not been explored or experimented with visually. Although I have explored ways of visually presenting concept and information I think that this could be pushed further and will be something I will be aiming to achieve during level 6 study. Especially as I want my practice to explore the elements of the theory in a real world context so rather than writing about the theories I want to test and put the theories into practice.

Identify five things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these? 
  • Fully exhaust all sources that I have available when researching, a few weeks before handing in the module I found a book that would have been perfect for my essay and would have given a different perspective to that of the one I was discussing in my essay. Ensuring that all avenues for research have been exhaust will result in the best possible amount of informed research. 
  • Developing concept, although I spent a lot of time developing and solidifying my concept I felt that it could have been pushed further to make it more unique and a more stand out concept, like the use of mirror I felt was was interesting the rest of publication needed to add up the hype of the cover
  • Better time management! I drastically under estimated the time the module take, I prioritised other modules over this module which might I didn't always have enough time to get things done. however hopefully as I was will be starting my dissertation over the summer I should not fall into this trap again. 
  • I also would have considered the term publication further and what this means more because I think I always automatically think about print or digital outcomes, but an publication can be anything this concept it something I want to push next year! 
  • I also want to push product range I have been currently thinking of this module as producing a singular publication which is odd as in all the other modules, product range is pushed and I should have pushed this in context of practice and considered developing a range of products rather than just a stand alone publication. 
Attendance = 5
Punctuality = 5
Motivation = 5
Commitment = 5
Quantity of work produced = 4
Quality of work produced = 4
Contribution to the group = 4

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