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Kate Prior
Discovered when and where/  2011, LCA BAGD
Who/  Young female british creative
What/  Illustrator 
When/  2006
Where / Leeds, UK / /
How/  From collecting flyers and posters to designing them
Reasons why I like her/ Distinguishable, unique style / bright colour palette / abstract meaning within her work / her work is everything she has learnt up until this point / energetic mood surrounds her work / typography becomes part of the illustration 

Jullien Vallée
Discovered when and where/  2006, Personally
Who/  26, Canadian Male 
What/  Motion & Graphic designer  
When/  2006
Where / Montreal, Canada / / 819 598 2654
How/  Creating tangible images 
Reasons why I like him/ Gives material new meaning / He's a story teller / Dimensional / Uses paper as an escape from the digital world / Simplistic communication / Personal work that's understandable by others / Doesn't take his work to seriously / potential outcomes are always unexpected / vivid colour / can almost touch his work 

Serial Cut 
Discovered when and where/  2009, A Level
Who/  Ever evolving team of multidisciplinary designers 
What/  Art direction across a range of media 
Where/ Madrid, Spain / / 0034677476044
When/  1999
How/  Collaborating to create new dimension 
Reasons why I like them / Collaborate to create something new that hasn't been done before / they don't limit their possibilities / use materials in new ways / craft their work / they think about digital in a real world way / scale of their work from small to large scale installations / combine media / call themselves 'image-makers' / fun yet focused / create an element of wonder with their work 

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