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I find the work of Effektive appealing as I have seen pieces of his work before while browsing but never put a name to the work, when Martin introduced me to his work and I learned more about this one man studio my love for his work grew. I've always had a passion for handmade work over digital work, I find it interesting and engaging that Effektive create hand made works but always produce a digital outcome which is then printed. His use of typography and stock is another element of his work I admire. 

Mark Weaver's is again work I have seen before but never knew the designer behind the work, he is one of a growing group of designers experimenting within modernists ideologies, I have always been a big fan of digital collage, but this designer is clean and simplistic with his style of collage as a-posed to the more common rough and ready style. 

I really began to like this the style of illustration the more I saw of her work, the line black thin and hints and tints of one colour across the illustrations, it's clean and simple yet still evokes a personal style from the illustrator. 

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