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I love the simplicity of this website, you can't go wrong with black and white, it's makes the site clear and easy to navigate and makes you focus on the important content which is the images. However I think the vertical text is a little hard to read and not really needed. 

NB again has taken a simple approach to its website, I think the left aligned sidebar creates a structure and allows for you to easily navigate the site. The images placed within the grid allow you systematically look through the images. 

The 2xElliot interface is one of my favourites, I feel like the navigation it's there I don't notice it, I focus purely on the work but the navigation is simple and easy when I need to find other links to navigate around the rest of the websites. I terms of being a portfolio websites it works really well and the work is primary focus as soon as you load the site. 

Again this site has allowed the content to dictate the main functionality of the website and the interface be used in a practical and functional sense rather than to create an aesthetic this helps when as it doesn't distract from the work/content. 

One of my favourite studios and a good functioning websites. Again making using of the minimal black and white colour scheme. The different sized images create a some variety within the page but is still functional and viewable. The sizing of the image also allows the you focus on specific pieces of work, perhaps works more important as chosen by the studio. 

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