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Study Task 2: The Gaze and the Male

We live in a society that above all is dominated by visually imagery, and this visually imagery has been created by men and for men and this has resulted in the objectification of women within the images that engulf our society. These images that have been created by men lead women to measure themselves against these 'socially prescribed ideals'. The visual culture in which we live has been written by men and created through a male lens, our culture is therefore gendered towards the male. As the visual media is controlled by men, they create images in which allow men to feel comfortable by asserting there power over women, making them feel comfortable through these emotions of security and powerfulness. The camera has become an extension of male gaze on the streets, in reality women often feel 'embarrassed, irritated or downright angered by men's persistent gaze' but the images created by the media allow men to 'stare at women, men assess, judge' and have the ability to scrutinise which in turn confirms the power they hold as well as asserting the subservient female role who can't return the gaze. As seen in this images the males are fully or partially clothed, whereas the women appears more nude and more exposed. The image is heavily dominated by males contrasted by the single female affirming male power over women. Furthermore all of the men gaze at the women whereas the female is turning away disengaging with the gaze reflecting his submissiveness and ability to dominated by the male. Within the image the males play the active, powerful role whereas the women is objectified for the men.  Billboards are everywhere within society and they act as affirmation of male power within society buy also create an impossible ideal for females to adhere to. These images such as this one create a fantasy which can't in real life be fulfilled, which creates a theory of 'sex-at-a-distance' which is the only 'complete secure relation men can have with women'. As with this image men can desire this complete power over women however it is something unobtainable in the real world. Furthermore these images suggest that the fantasy is far better than the ideal in the real world.  

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