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1) List the places in the world you want to explore and places you'd want to live there?
New York is the one place on this earth I have always wanted to visit and also live and work there, for many reasons of which I can't all list here. There is something about the atmosphere that is present in New York that I've always wanted to experience, the city is alive and never sleeps. I like the environment of a concrete jungle, the contrast of central park against the sky scraper skyline. New Zealand is also another place I'd like to explore the country offers experiences not percent anywhere else in the world. Additionally I'd also like to explore the culture of Japan, I've always been fascinated by the bright lights of
Tokyo, it's a culture and environment so far away from our own.

2) How important is the phrase 'Things organised neatly'?
To put it simply, extremely. I've always been obsessed with things being clean and tidy and in there place. I like perfection and this follows on into my design work.

3) You see bad typography, what do you do?
Bad typography is everywhere, it's mainly from those people who think they're graphic designers because they can use photoshop. It's a problem thats only getting worse and there's not much that can be done about it apart from when consider typography I will select appropriate typefaces, use them effectively and adjust kerning, tracking and line height appropriately to make for perfectly clean typography.

4) List some positive attributes? 
Focused, determined and passionate

5) List some negative attributes? 
Occasionally Lazy, confidence and addiction to using Knockout

6) What keeps that clock ticking?
I have many passions in life some rather boring but my greatest passion is Graphic Design it's what I lie for, my day to day life is impacted in everyday by design, my life is design. However other things that interest me are independent films, alternative music, vintage photography, comedians, cooking.

7) How do you want to grow old?
I want to grow old knowing I made a difference in the world, but a difference that is unknown to have been done  by me, like the work of graphic designers. I don't know how I want to change the world I just want to change it.

8) Who's work gets you excited?
The work of many, I love discovering new work by new designers however currently on my radar is Caleb Owen Everitt and Nerl Nays.

9) What are you favourite colours and typefaces?
Any shade of green and Knockout.

10) What super power would you want and why?
A super power I'm now inventing called Time-Relapse, which would allow me to go back in time a re do things I wasn't happy with and keep doing them until I did them perfectly, to put this into perspective Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau meets Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code.

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