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Personal Manifesto

The Design Manifesto of Thomas Squire

I will use my blog as a tool to aid my design practice, explore the work of others and reflect on my own personal development as a graphic design. I will aim to do this through using the blog as an organic tool that I update continuously rather than a static tool that I update all at once or at key points.

I will give better critique of my peers work which is more critical, more evaluative, remain positive yet constructive which will help to transfer these skills into critiquing my own work and also receiving and responding to critique I receive.

I will be more experimental in the way I consider how I communicate messaged to my audience, through developing a greater understanding of the world, my audience and purpose will enable me to stray away from visual clique and explore new, innovative methods of visual communication.

I will aim to explore more personal project in my own time to develop my skills a designer and explore my own passions and interests within design, this is help inform my professional practice.

I will consider how I can use new and interesting materials to help with the delivery of communication rather than the pre formatted tools, process and outcomes that come from purely digital design.

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