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45 Designers: Film Theory

Saul Bass
Over the years of Saul Bass' career he has created title sequences for some of the best films of all time and has been responsible for many of the sequences created for Hitchcock's masterpieces. He use image and type throughout movement in such way to convey and communicate messages to the his auidence. He is one of the most influential motion graphic designers of our time. 

Hexagonall a young graphic designer is responsible for this series of simplistic posters which aim to simplify the story of a film into one 2d image which represents the film. They work extremely well as pieces of visual design. 

Paul Donnellon
Paul Donnellon is perhaps best know for the title sequence he created for the film Smokin' Aces' one of the better film of my generations film culture. He has also worked on many other title sequences for films and other digital moving image projects. 

Bill Gold
Before the time when graphic designers become abundant, it was the work of only a few they created much of the prolific graphic design. Bill Gold is known for the many hundreds of posters he has created a for films which spanned his life time and is still working as a graphic designer today he recently created the poster for DiCarpo's latest film J. Edgar. 

Little White Lies Magazine
Little White Lies is a magazine that has rose out of time when everyone said print was dead and has become of the best designed, innovative and creative magazines currently and its content is dedicated to the world of film. available. The magazine has won many awards for both its design and content. 

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