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45 Designers: Modernism

Josef Müller-Brockmann
I have chosen Josef Müller-Brockmann as an example of a Modernist graphic designer, as it was at the forefront of the development of modernism within Switzerland, which later influenced graphic design across the world - known as the international typographic style. Furthermore his work represents use of many of the rules and principles that came along with modernist graphic design such as lowercase, sans-serif letter forms, strict use of the grid.üller-Brockmann

Emil Ruder
Emil Ruder is another graphic designer who worked within the era of Modernism he is also responsible for the development of swiss modernism and the advancement made within typography. Much of Ruder's work also focused on the use of geometry as a means of visualisation and simplification of communication. The use of geometry and mathematics to visualise simplistic forms to aid communication was a main principle of modernist graphic design.

Max Bill
Max Bill is another designer who had major influence upon the swiss modernist movement, he studied at the Bauhaus before it's closure. His theoretical writing and progression work has major influence on the development of the style.

Armin Hofmann
Armins Hofmann was a swiss graphic design who preceded the role Emil Ruder took as a teacher in a swiss school for teaching the principles of swiss modernist design. He was a man known for his addition to style known as the swiss typographical swiss which later when international. He was particularly known for his use of colour, geometry and use of typefaces, all of which are key principle followed by modernist designers. 

Paul Rand
Paul Rand is a more commerical graphic design, who is less known for developing the initial style that defined modernism but more for exploiting these principles and guidelines within his own work to become a successful modernist designer. He was created work for some of the world's biggest companies therefore making him a figurehead for modernist graphic design. 

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