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45 Designers: High Vs. Low Culture

Stefan Sagmeister
Stefan Sagmeister is a world renowned graphic designer, perhaps best known for his experimental, expression and different work that he creates, he represents a low culture graphic design has his work is rough and ready and can communicate to a mass auidence rather than being auidence specific to a group of higher class people. 

Jamie Reid 
Jamie Reids makes use of found images, collage and letters from newspaper, this graphic design represents the culture of masses as the style his work creates mimics that of how the low culture can create there own graphic design. 

Milton Glaser
Milton Glaser is famously known for creating the I love new york symbol, the ethos and principles behind his work focus on communicating something to a mass audience as do his other logos he has created such as the one the tackle the issue of aids. He as a designers works and aims to communicate to broadest, common public group as possible. 

The creation of zines which is a form of graphic design in itself represents the graphic designers in all of us, graphic is about communicating a message to other and this is exactly what zines do, they allow the everyday man or woman to communicate a series of messages they want to broadcast to an auidence. 

Damien Hurst
Damian hurst creates works of design that are in no way elaborate but the price tags of his work immediately target them at group that is extremely wealthy, he does not deal with the communication of message to broad lower class target auidence. 

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