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Alphabet Soup 2/ Shyness & Distinctiveness in Typography

Within this typeface the stroke it's self is simple sans serif typeface however the decoration makes it appear three dimensional and contrasted. Using three dimensional visuals within my work my offer experimentation for showing the change in david's personality, perhaps visually from 2D to 3D.

The extensions that develop from some of the anatomy of the letterforms is similar to how I want to visualise the growth and change in david's personaility.

Within this typeface there is clear, almost completely opposite contrast between the pin thin weight of the two juxtaposed with the extremely heavily stroke. This stark contrast is something I could develop within my own work to show the change in david's character.

The thick stroke combined with the thin bowls within this typeface again present a contrast, it is interesting that although the bowls are extremely thin the typeface is still very legible, ensuring my typeface is still legible when exploring the use of thick and thin stroke weight will be essential to the success of my typeface.

Rather than the thick and thinner line weight within the typeface be completely separate here they have been merged and blended to create a continuation it will be important to consider how I can create a contrast within my typeface yet still have continuity across the letterforms. 

Almost using a typeface within a typeface is an idea I could consider within my own work in visualising the difference in david personality, within this typeface it looks like two completely different typefaces have been merged together, this is an idea I could explore. 

I like that within this letterform a continuous line has been, almost creating a path, a journey similar to the concepts I want to convey in the typeface I create.

The weight decoration here I also something I could consider, rather than focusing on the purely the weight of the stroke within the letterform, I could like how filled lines and striped lines could be used to create a contrast or change. 

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