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Graphic Design I Love and Hate

Julien Vallee / Graphic & Motion Graphic Designer / Love
Paper, paper, paper, one image. Tangible design and design that attempts to bridge the gap between digital versus handmade design or questions the boundaries between the two, is an area of design I am extremely passionate about. Jullien Vallee a designer I have followed for many years I feel has innovated in this space, and continues to do and now many other designers mimic his style of work. Most of Vallee's work is crafted by hand using paper based media, however as the core of his process is his manipulation of type and image as three dimensional objects. His work also uses a range of bolds colours, something I am not usually visually attracted to, however Vallee uses colour in such a way the varying palette becomes unified and not visually chaotic. If I was to idealise the work of any other designer - it would be Vallee's work.

Lacoste Legends / POGO / Love
Simple meets complex. My love of tangible design is contrasted with a love for Editorial design that is heavily typographic and layout driven. This campaign created by Pogo design studio is a particular favourite, and for many reasons. Initially the restricted colour palette of green and black is what first drew me to the work, but other design elements such as the condensed typography, the mix of hand rendered imagery interspersed with photography

The People's Supermarket / Unreal / Love
Good package design makes me happy. Packaging design has been a focus of mine in studies prior to this course, this brand identity and packaging created for 'The People's Supermarket' experiment in london is wonderfully simple yet versatile. The design is clear and bold and defiantly breaks the mould for supermarket products with it's uses of bright yellow and contrasting black. It has subtle elements of vintage packaging, yet manages to stay current and doesn't explicitly follow today's packaging trends. 

Division of Industrial Design / SILNT / Love
Ultimate minimalism, ultimate perfection. Minimalism is design that i've always appreciated, yet I haven't really experimented with myself. Design that is minimal is clean, simple and is not distractive it serves it purpose and it does so effectively. I'm fascinated by how minimalism implies less of something, yet the possibilities with minimalistic design are endless. My love for this form of design as well as more tangible design conflict inside me, but I will always equally appreciate both. 

Nicolas Girard / Graphic & Typographic Designer / Hate
Typographic design with a fake, plastic visual aesthetic I think is outdated and uninteresting, I don't think it represent today's visual culture, especially within this country. Design such as this looks forced and over photoshoped. The design lacks both focus and context and serves no purpose, in no way is this an effective piece of graphic design. 

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