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Proverbially Yours 1/ Image & Type Conveying Simple Message

Consider how existing imagery and pictorial associations can be used to enhance and better communicate my proverb, drawing in imagery that people already understand and associate with will benefit how high impact my poster can become. 

Simple colour scheme used to convey a simple, the colours help and enhance the message, choosing appropriate colours for my own posters will enhance the communication of the message. 

Composition within the posters will also be key to how high impact they well, ensuring the text in readable and well spaced for high impact and easy readability, furthermore considering where the text is place for the best communication of the message 

Considering how shape can be used to simply complicated imagery or words, shapes can often be manipulated to create a vague representation of the actual real world object or word but as a whole communicate with the audience much more successfully. 

Combing text with image can also be successful in communicating a message, as the work together to deliver the message. The technique also guides the audience around the poster and makes the audience concentrate on certain areas of the poster. 

Simple uses of shapes can be the most successful way to communicate a message and also to consider how the shapes can be used and manipulated together to add an alternate meaning, 

Varying sizes in typeface can also be effective to the poster being high impact at first glance to attract the attention of your audience and then further information can be gleamed from the poster from the smaller type. 

Communication the proverb by using both text and image to construct the phrase is an investing technique which I could explore using within my own work. 

The use of negative space can also be used to convey a secondary meaning to message or communicate further meaning that isn't always obvious when you first view the post. I consider using negative space to convey a secondary message along with my proverb. 

Part of practice makes perfect is about progression, repletion and becoming better over time using a conventional form of this concept such as the evolution of man could be used and altered/adjusted to fit with my proverb. 

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