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The Potential Of Critiques

5 Reasons why crits are useful educational tools:
1) They help you to become confident in the work you produce and presenting this work to a group of people 
2) They help you to understand how other's perceive your work 
3) They can encourage you to see how your work can move forward and allow you to take on board the ideas of others in improving your work 
4) They encourage you to step outside of your own thought process and gives you the oppurtunity to look at your work in different ways
5) Can often help you to realise how ideas might not work as you begin to talk about them and discuss them with others 

5 questions which could to asked within a group crit:
1)What is the symbolism or meaning behind the colour, type or image chosen?
2) What research influenced the work? 
3) What is the intended reaction to the work and how has the actual reaction differed? 
4) In what context is the work being used, presented or displayed? 
5) What is trying to be addressed and has it been successful?

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