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Modernist and Post Modern Graphic Design

Post Modern Graphic Design / Christopher Cox / 2008
This poster is an example of post modern graphic design as it uses a mixed media style, in which many techniques has been combined such as digital manipulation as well as physical media like paint. The language used is satirical and merges the boundaries between high and low brow design and art. The poster is also making the statement that modernism didn't save us, a typical view seen in post modern art.

Modernist Graphic Design / Josef Muller-Brockmann / 1958
This poster was designed in the modernist era and is part of a series which tries to visualise a series of music events which each showcase a different style of music. This piece of design is typically modernist as uses rules and guides and is absent of decoration, it is minimalist and achieves the function in the simplest way possible. 

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