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Illustrator Workshop/ Expanding Lines In Typography

Within this typeface it is interesting how the expanse the line/stroke is not seen within an individual letterform but across the typeface and the expanse is only seen when the typeface is used as a typeface. I will consider how my letterforms work individually and how they will be used as a typeface.

This typeface works by merging each letterform into each other with the continuation of one line, as area for experimentation within illustrator could be to explore how the letterform can expand into each other. 

The expanding lines within this type are confined to each letterform, different weighted strokes convey the expanse. Different stroke weights co uld be an area to explore as the weights get either thinner or thicker this conveys a sense of expanse. 

Here the concept of expanse has been explored both in 2D and in 3D, 2D lines expand across the surfaces of the typeface and the typeface expands to create 3D letterforms. Exploring how a typeface could become three dimensional is also something I could explore within Illustrator.

This typeface expands across the format in which it is presented, simples lines have been in differing directions to create the letterforms. Exploring how my typeface expands within the given format of A1 is an area to consider.

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