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Initial Bibliography Using Harvard Referencing System

Benton, C. & Benton, T. (1975) 'Form and Function', London, Granada Publishing [745.5]
I have chosen this book although it primarily focuses on architecture elements of the book do explore the principle of 'form follows function' within design. I feel the book will offer deeper insight in the dramatically changing attitudes towards design during the period of modernism. 

Garratt, C. & Rodrigues, C. (2010) 'Modernism A Graphic Guide', United States of America, Totem Books [306.1]
This book provides an overview of modernism as a broad subject, although not in detail the boom summaries the events of modernism into a compact dialogue of the subject. This book will inform my overall understanding of modernism. 

Greenhalgh, P. (1990) 'Modernism in Design', London, Reaktion Books [745.2]
This book is a collection of essays and academic writing on the subject of modernism within design this book provides in depth detail and argument on the subject of modernism as well as offering varying analytical view points the debate of modernism. 

Remington, R.R. with Bodenstedt, L. (2003) 'American Modernism Graphic Design 1920 to 1960', London, Laurence King Publishing [741.604]
This book provides a more a visual reference to modernism with american during the period of modernity, throughout the book it explores the changes seen within design across a range of graphic media. 

Will, C. (2006) 'Modernism Designing a New World 1914-1939', London, V&A Publications [745.2]
Modernism designing a new world is a definitive collection of the changing world of design across a range of design practices from furniture to architecture. 

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