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Bad Breath in Dogs Survey

Using the online survey tool, SurveyMonkey, I created a personalised survey targeting owners of dogs and dogs who have suffered from Halitosis. I distributed the survey via online social networks and online dog and pet forums, the results are collated bellow. 

1. Has your dog ever suffered from bad breath (Halitosis)?
Yes 82%

No 27%

2. As the dog owner how concerned were you about the problem?
Not Concerned 36%

Slightly Concerned 9%

Quite Concerned 36%

Very Concerned 18%

3. Did you contact your local vet about the problem?
Yes 27%

No 81%

4. Was the bad breath caused by another disease?
Yes 54%

No 45%

5. If any, what action did you take to attempt to fix the problem?
Begin brushing your dogs teeth or brush them more frequently 18%

Feeding your dog treats that could improve breath odour 63%

Changing the type of food you feed your dog 18%

Visit the vet more regularly to check for underlying medical issues 18%

*[Primary] [Quantitive]

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