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Proverbially Yours 2/ Understanding Chiropractics

What is a Chiropractor? 
Chiropractors are medical practitioners that primarily focus on the realignment and healing of the spine and adjoining bones without the need for medicine, it is often used as complimentary treatment. The main techniques used by a Chiropractor's involve mania therapy and manipulations of the spine from a deformed state. 

Facts about Chiropractors:
  • MYTH: Chiropractors crack your bones
  • Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel D. Palmer as an alternative health care discipline to medical practice
  • Chiropractic today is the third largest primary health care profession in the western world 
  •  Chiropractic education consists of a minimum of two years of university study in pre-med sciences, followed by four years of full time chiropractic school
  • Chiropractic has always presented itself as a natural and conservative source of health care, offering an alternative in some cases to the medical domain of prescribing medication and performing operations
  • Chiropractic's central interest is the relationship between impaired position/movement of spinal vertebrae and the nerve system, and the effect of this on health
  • Chiropractic utilizes a "hands on" active approach. The principle treatment is adjustment/ manipulation of the spine and supportive soft-tissue techniques
  • Chiropractic care is safe. The risk of serious injury following chiropractic treatment is considered remote - less than 0.01% according to medical studies
  • The benefits of chiropractic you can look forward to are many: effective pain relief, restored freedom of movement, correction of the underlying problem, return to work and recreational activities, enhanced athletic performance, prevention of spinal decay, and improved overall health. 

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