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The Five Most Important Aesthetic Qualities

To determine my own set of five aesthetic qualities as groups we analysed our series of five images, from these images we discussed what element of these images we felt more aesthetically please us, then within different groups we were given a series of images another peer had collected and we had never seen before, using these images we were given 5 seconds, 15 seconds and 20 seconds to study to images, after each time allotment we noted down the word that best described our visual and aesthetic understanding of the image from this task it became evident that the longer you study an image the more your opinion of it is likely to change either for better or worse. After further discussion with the partner who's work I looked at we created a list of five aesthetic qualities I personally felt were most important in an image being aesthetically please to me

1) Inventiveness 
2) Wittiness 
3) Vivid
4) Deceptive
5) Playfulness

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