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Ways In Which Halitosis Can Be Cured

Brush your dog’s teeth
Brushing their teeth regularly helps reduce bad odor coming out of your dog’s mouth. There are toothbrushes that are specially made for dogs that can be purchased from veterinary clinics or pet shops. A finger brush is a specially designed toothbrush for dogs that makes brushing their teeth much easier. A finger brush can reach areas in your dog’s mouth that are difficult to clean with a regular toothbrush.

Use dog toothpaste to brush their teeth
Toothpastes specially formulated for dogs are proven harmless when swallowed. They come in various flavor such as beef, chicken, and vanilla. Be careful not to use the same kind of toothpaste that you use when you brush their teeth. Some toothpastes used by humans can be harmful to dogs.

Buy dog mints and mouthwash
Mints and mouthwash are great alternatives for getting rid of bad dog breath. They are effective in preventing tartar buildup inside your pet’s mouth. They are sold in various flavors that your dog will love. Plaque sprays and chew toys also work against tartar buildup.

Watch your dog’s diet
Bad dog breath can result from eating unhealthy food. Your dog’s diet is not only important to its health but in preventing bad dog breath as well. Some dogs, if left unwatched, tend to eat non-edible stuff such as plants and soil. Ensure that your dog only eats dog food and drinks clean water. Dirty food contains bacteria that will live in the dog’s mouth, causing bad breath.

Ingesting unhealthy and dirty food will cause diseases with bad breath as a symptom. These diseases include gastrointestinal disease, mouth tumors, dog teeth gingivitis, or life-threatening kidney diseases.

Your dog’s health is your responsibility. So keep a close watch on what your dog eats. Clean your surroundings of dirty things that your dog can have close contact with. If your dog has a severe bad breath problem, you can go to your local vet for medicine that can get rid of the smell. If you can afford it, take your dog to the vet for regular dental cleaning.

Visit your vet more regularly

Visit your vet at least once or twice a year to check on your pet’s teeth before the build up becomes unmanageable. This should be done more frequently for older pets. Use regular heart worm blood test to seek your vet’s help to do a general check up on your dogs and seek advice if you should get their teeth cleaned.

Add Biotene to your dog's drinking water
Biotene is a water additive that has no color, no smell and no taste. Not only does Biotene help freshen your dog's breath but it helps remove plaque and inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. The suggested usage is 4 pumps per quart of water for the first two weeks. Thereafter reduce to 2 pumps per quart of water. The usage of Biotene is particularly beneficial for dogs that refuse to have their teeth brushed. It is safe for daily ingestion. This is veterinarian recommended and was prescribed by my vet.

Chew on raw bones
Allow your pet to chew on raw bones at least once a month to prevent tartar build up. Regular chew on raw bones will avoid dental visits at the vet. Do not feed your dog cooked or chicken bones as cooked, and chicken bones cooked may splinter when chewed and can cause potential damage to intestinal linings of your pet. If your pet has never eaten raw bones, monitor and ensure that they are able to handle it well and not swallow the bones whole which can cause choking which is dangerous. Most dogs naturally are able to handle raw bones well. To be safe, get the huge beef or mutton bone where they cannot chew it down but use it for exercising the jaw and cleaning their teeth.

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