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Proverbially Yours 2/ Medical Graphic Design

This medical packaging demonstrates that medical packaging is simple, effective and information and lacks deceptions and mimics that of modernist feel. I should perhaps consider how simple I can make my mail shot as this is what my target audience will be used to interacting with. 

Here pastel blue colour schemes have been used combined with a contrasting dark more vivid colour, this is an effective way of making type and information stand out and still maintain a simple clinical and clean feel to the design, I should consider using these colours within my own work. 

Again pastel colours haves been used, this is appearing familiar within medical graphic design, it's not harsh on the eyes nor bright and intrusive. Type is well spaces and readable, it will be important to consider the positioning of type and ensure it's legible and readable and also minimal in content. 

More use of a blue colour scheme and also use a sans-serif type which makes the design appear simple and clinical, sans serif typefaces are also more legible and have a more professional and informative aesthetic appeal, which is the ideology I want to promote within my mail shot. 

I slightly different aesthetic design to the other work I had research, perhaps because of the differing target audiences however the blue colour scheme has remained prominent. Furthermore this also reaffirms the minimalistic approach to the amount of information and also silhouette style visuals to convey complex forms, simplifying the visuals within my mail shot will be crucial to it's success and ensuring the visuals are understood by the target audience. 

Use of a lowercase typeface can also be effective within medical graphic design as it is less abrupt and strong, it is calmer and more approachable to the audience, I will consider how I incorporate a lowercase typeface into my mail shot as it is most likely my target audience will interact with graphic design that makes use of using lower case rather than upper case. 

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