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Essay: Basic Plan & Structure

After reading, researching and making notes from the selection of sources that I have gathered my ideas and theories from I have put together a basic structure of the content of the essay and how it will flow into a piece of writing.


  • Overview of the question being posed
  • What is identity?
  • What aspect of identity will I be looking at?
  • What is the internet and what implication does it have on identity? (overview)
History of Identity
  • Overview of the theories about identity until present day
  • Pre-modern
  • Modern
  • Post-modern
Potential content of essay
  • Nationality and the global community and its impact on identity and our access to the global community through the internet
  • Class - Access to the internet, free and open to everyone? 1 in 3 Americans, 1 in 250 Africans
  • Race and Ethnicity on the internet
  • Gender and Sexuality - Stigmatised groups
  • Communication through the internet
  • Sum up key points and give my own overall opinions based on the aspects discussed within the essay 

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