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Design For Print & Web: TV Design

What have I found from all of this visual research into TV design, well it's all extremely different! Although I have tired to concentrate my efforts on on channels that show similar programming to my channel all of the channels have a unique identity and this is mainly created though their visual imagery and the colours they us. There is a broad range of colour, possibly most of the common colours have been used so it is going to be difficult to innovate in this area. 

Common elements that form TV Design: 
  • Programme imagery or short videos
  • Show name
  • Channel logo always present 
  • Date of showing 
  • Time of showing
  • sometimes the channel's slogan
  • Many of the channel also have a lot of space around there programming titles and it's not cramped on the screen, this is due to the fact its needs to be easily readable quickly, at a glance and from a distance. 

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