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Essay: Theme & Question Development

Following a meeting with Richard about my essay, I solidified the ideas I had for my essay into a plan which I can now move forward with.

At the start of the meeting I suggested that I wanted to look into either the internet and Identity, Panopticism or Censorship and the Media (A future lecture). However as the deadline was before I would have this lecture I decided to stay away from this topic area. I was most interested in the internet and identity so our conversation about my essay stemmed from there.

I have already developed an initial range of question that could possibly form my essay title.

  • To what extent does the internet have an effect on our identity?
  • What effect does the internet have on our understanding of identity?
  • Compare and contrast the theories of identity
  • Describe the different approaches to understanding one's identity
Richard suggested that within my research and essay that I should explore the follows areas within this subject/topic
  • How has the internet changed and how do we use it
  • How has it effected the nature of our identity within contemporary society
  • Explore a range of theories about identity both old and new
  • Apply these theories to such internet activities like Facebook and Twitter. 
  • How are online identities fabrication of our true identity
  • Internet identities can be transient and fake
  • The beginning of the essay should give a brief overview of the histories of the theories regarding identity. Pre-modern, modern and post-modern identity
I then took this information to gather an initial selection of book together which I could use to begin my research 
  • Identity 
  • Media, Gender and Identity
  • Reading Digital Culture
  • Identity and Difference
  • Culture and Identity
I also looked into a selection of article from the online service

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