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Lecture Eight: Creative Rhetoric

Talking about creativity, how to better articulate my creative practice, develop this through different definitions and expand my creative practice.

“Different artists often have quite divergent conceptions of what they are doing”

The Blank Sheet Project, a D&AD project,involves interviewing four creatives, asking them about there process an creativity itself

Creative ‘Flow’ As an actor he danced through the movie, it was a joy, a form of creative flow

Renzo Rosso, his experience at the school of fashion a practice based beginning, Pedagogy - facilitating creativity

The best ideas are the next one, creativity is dynamic in some way, creativity is indefinable because its always moving forward

Be stupid - using the heart and not the head, creativity is a knowledge obtaining activity rather than a rational activity like science or history

Working in teams, collaboration is essential

Mimesis, Plato’s problem with creativity, which was a critique of democracy at the time, another world exists beyond the physical work, art imitates an imitates, because art mimics the physical world, and the physical world mimics the real a metaphysical form

A popular view, that western civilization began with the greeks, but the greeks saw there history deriving from the east, particularly north Africa and Egypt

Classicism - Roman art, in the imperial period, they just copied the greeks, suggests that the greeks reached an apex, and ideal standard that can’t be surpassed, all that is left to do is imitate

Academics on creativity - Banaji the 9 rhetorics of creativity

Creative Genius or the Romantic genius, how judgements about art and creativity are made ‘Critic of judgement’. Romanticism redefined and transformed the role of the artist

Artist is the creator not an imitator, the artist is a rule breaker and definer

Through creating the artist creates new rules, empowers the artist and creative, the borders of art are transformed, transcended, art is in a constant state of flux, it is dynamic

Collaborative practice, but creativity is an individual vision.

Facilitating creativity, Rhetoric 9, the creative classroom, The survival of creativity, A Scholar activity, where the term fine art comes from. British art schools, Leeds college of art, mid 19th century.

Democratic and political creativity, empowering creativity within citizens and working collaboratively

Digital technology had caused an event horizon, global community has created a single body of knowledge, ownership of knowledge has now changed. All information is accessible through the cloud.

eStudio and online extension of the studio, mimics a professional studio in the form of an online studio.

Abstract: art and copy teams work together, have been doing so since the 1950’s, new media is prompting changing at the heart of the discipline within advertising.

Students working online and creativity that is valuable to industry, when working online everything becomes flat and more equal rather than the role of the master and student.

Working online was a valuable skill for undergraduates in creative education.

Online conversation and flow are linked closely together

Ubiquitous creativity, Little c Creativity, problems can be solved through being resourceful and flexible.

VCOP, virtual community of practice, people involved in people creating new knowledge, the expert plays an important role in moving the discussion forward and adding valuable comments.

SHOWstudio,everyone to witness the creative process, creatives and the everyday

The Fashion Film, a new medium, a way of capturing the creative process.

Creativity for Social Good, Only the brave foundation, corporate social responsibilities

Brands have to find creative ways to be socially responsible, involves cooperative activity which is social empowering, it what society and the consumer wants

Creativity as an economic imperative, creative skills are important to the UK economy, designing organization to encourage collaboration, google and Ideo do this, practice improvisation online and offline and working as one mind, ideas can go places where they wouldn’t if you were working by yourself

Play and creativity, play to get ideas, ways of encouraging the brain to think in different ways

Creativity and cognition, a psychological experience of being creative, time goes very fast, loose yourself in the creative process and it occurs under certain conditions of high challenge and high skill

The creative affordances of technology, online a new model for creativity but is modeled on the industry of creativity. Communicative practice

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