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Theory into Practice: Design Development 1

Thinking through type, for the covers of each of my concertina booklets I have experimented with type and using the distortion of type as a way to visual the content of each of the concertinas.
Anonymity is about being hidden and the text is hidden within a series of lines which mimic the lines of computer screen pixels.

Synchronicity is about being in sync, whereas asynchronicity has been represented  by being slightly out of sync represented visually by the distorted of the type. 

The imagination concertina is about the the projection of desire onto the person you are talking, to visually portray this I have made the type appear like stickers to represent the desired characteristics of the person you are talking to online against the reality of the person visually beneath the sticker. 

Introjection is about the missing elements such as facial cues that occur during face to face communication, this has been represented visually by removing section of the letterforms to indicate the missing elements of communication that occurs during computer mediated communication. 

For invisibility I am going to cut out the typography out white vinyl and place this against white stock so that it appears hidden but still readable. 

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