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Theory into Practice: Final Concept

I have been developed a few ideas which have formed my concept up to this stage however after rethinking the publication as well as the fact it can't be printed in the way that some elements of the publication don't.

My final concept is to create a series of 5 publication in which each of the publications detail one of the principles of the online disinhibition effect, each of these publication will be a concertina which is formed of 6 pages. Within these six pages the content that will be included will be a description of that principle of the disinhibition effect, an extract from my essay which relates directly to the principle this is how I will be bringing the theory into the publication. The rest of the concertina will then feature relevant content and images that enhance the understanding of that particular disinhibition effect as well as essay extract. Furthermore as Fred and Richard mentioned the publication should have a real world use as well target a specific audience. Therefore I have also decided to include mini guides in each of the concertina booklets which help the reader of the publication check if they are dating a catfish for example a mini timeline of event which details what types of behaviour you should expect and what you shouldn't as well as yes, no grid which can confirm or deny whether you are dating a catfish online. I think this is relevant to include to target my initial target audience of 20-30 year old as they are the generation that have grown up with the internet and these are the types of people likely to be engaging in such activities as online dating or meeting people online. Also by doing this it gives the publication a purpose rather than just to inform the reader about the theory and online disinhibition it also acts as a guide to help them in their own internet life, by figuring out who they are and also who the person they are talking to might be.

Furthermore as I have thought about  my final concept I want to push forward with I have decided to not use the idea of including augmented reality within the publication as I don't feel it's a concept I can bring to the whole publication only one or two elements of the publication it would therefore feel irrelevant to the audience in the final publication.

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