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Theory into Practice: The Unprintable

Before beginning to design the publication, I went online to get a quote for how much it would cost to print and in which format I need to create the artwork so that it would print correctly. I initially received a quote for £50, however this was not for a double sided printed which my concertina needed to be, as my concertina was a metre and half in length it needed to be printed off the roll, I was then quoted £450 for it to be printed as they only way for it to be printed was by Offset Lithography with a minimum order of 500 which was completely unrealistic.  I also spoke with a couple of different printers who all said the same.

I now need to rethink my concept as currently I can't printed what I want to make, I also double checked that I couldn't print it with James which he confirmed as with the stock in which he uses to print off the roll, you can't folded neither can it be double sided which I needed.

I have finally decided to split the publication up into a series of 5 mini concertina leaflet which will still have the same concept behind them but each will work as an individual fold out. The way in which I have split up the original concertina was to divide down the concertina by the principles of the Online Disinhibition effect. Each leaflet concertina will focus on a different aspect of the online disinhibition effect and the final concertina in the series will discuss the remaining two principles.

Problem solved! Although I'm not completely with happy this option, I have still managed to over come the situation and achieve a similar result.

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