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Design For Print & Web: App Design

Having not designed an App before I felt it necessary to explore some modern app design to pick up some visual elements that are common with app design, having started to design the website I want to bring some of the visual cues used on the website to the app but I want the app to be familiar to the user   so they can easily use it therefore I am looking at commonality with the functions and design of these apps. I have mostly researched into video and media as this is essentially what my app will be doing. A key element I have found is emphasis on image, which I have done with the website so this transfer across easily. Within all of the apps iconography is the key. Most of these apps work on an icon basis therefore using understandable and familiar icons within my app it should make the app more user friendly. Limited colour palette and change in colour contrast is also an common element in which different parts of the app they provide different functions have stark colour changes for example a bright white contrasted with a dark grey this adds depth to the app and guides the user round the functionality of the app though colour. 

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