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Essay: Catfish Episode 1 Analysis

I had already watched the episode a couple of times and most of the season to pick the episode that would be most relevant to the content of my essay, to begin to analysis the episode and compare it to the issues my essay discusses I first made a list of key aspects that are put forward in my essay.

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Lack of body language, tone of voice, facial expression etc
  • Lack of interaction with local society, years on spent engaging within online relationship rather than relationships in the physical world
  • Multiplicity of identity
  • Internet as a testing ground for new and experimental aspects of identity
  • This experimentation as flexibility and bringing these aspects of identity from their internet identity into the physical world
  • The use of multiple online profiles and personas and the switching between these many profiles
  • Identities that are created on the internet will ultimately translate differently in the world but online users can learn from how these 'identities' are received
I made lot's of notes based around these main topics whilst watching the episode and how the behaviour of Chelsea/Jamison presented the characteristic in herself that my essay discussed.

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