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Lecture Twelve: Globalisation and the Media

Socialist and Capitalist

A global system of market based capitalist, markets become powerful in influencing the world rather than governments, largely western multi national corporation rather than countries governments

Globalization was a desirable phenomena, fought for, a socialist would want to spread the soviet union across the world, everyone would be within this one system

However the globalization we have now, is now about a renegade system that is outside of the control of governments

We are in a globalizes world in which the western world has spread across all of the developed world

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The spreading of free market, removal of barriers for exchange between countries, it’s not a fair market, there is dominance from the west, this has resulted in Americanization of world

We are now in a situation where we are all interconnected through the internet revolution, we are now in a global inter connect community

Mcdonaldization: the logic and the culture of america is imposed onto other culture but also the principles that you don’t make a burger you make part of a burger you are part of a machine

Wherever you go, exotic places wherever you go now have a Starbucks and McDonald’s

The global village, Marshall mcLuhan, TV and radio and it’s effects on us and mass media, technology extend the capabilities of people, the recording extends our view to which we can see, to see all around the world, the phone allows us to hear all over the globe and this create a global village, rather than a world of distant and strange others we are all connected, we see the effects we have on other people we are becoming more interconnected as a species, it should make us more aware of the world and effects we have on the world, new technology has expanded our senses and to see what we wouldn't have seen, like major events such as 9/11 wherever you are in the world, but this hasn’t brought us together and in care of what our effects would have on those in the global community.

Businesses need to collaborate and work together but what has actually happened is major corporation swallow up smaller businesses

Western capitalist force which is eating up the rest of the world through economic ways and slowly absorbing everything, a global resistance is now happening, through jihad and anti capitalist protests

Because corporation are multi national they are absent of an politics, multinationals are not accountable to politicians

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The rise of dominant western culture above all other, referred to as cultural imperialism, another form of creating an empire but taking over rival countries and running them as one empire. Through forcing your culture on others onto second and third world countries through stealth, this makes these countries think more like americans rather than what is best for their country

In this globalized economy, culture is also spreading from america mostly and drip fed to other countries, the mass media is one of the main mechanisms for doing this - one of the illusions is that the mass media ( the businesses the produce culture, news, music etc) the illusion is that this is a free market, which is not true, cultural production is controlled by 4 or 5 giant companies, giant multinational corporation just own every smaller subsidiary companies

The direction of all these companies is moving the world towards one direction, these companies divide the world up in market importance, in terms of what will give them the most profit, this means north america is at the top of list, then we follow in united kingdom, japan etc and then at the bottom of the list is the rest of world like third world countries, so because the third world is at the bottom of the list, western companies don’t care about what media is feed to them as there is no money in it and this then changes the people in the third world to think like america.


The number one product with the most market growth in india last year, was skin whitening cream because they are constantly bombarded with america media and culture which is predominately white and they want to be like this

Rupert Murdoch, he has been all powerful.

Newspapers are not reporting fact they are reporting on the agendas they want to promote within culture

The news is not neutral or objective, you can only report what you’re allowed to report, as a journalist you can only ever report on is allowed to be reported on controlled by the rich and powerful - the controlling forces of the mass media communications

Private companies are funding this media which control what is said within the media

Global warming and eco politics, those corporations are only interested in making profit

Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth (2006) a movie, because he realized the power of cinema to communicate the power of ideas, outlines that temperatures are rising and is communicating this through a film and it’s techniques that can be used in film, his solution is to buy more things that are more, this is a capitalist solution to global warming

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