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Design For Print & Web: Websites

The website forms the main component of my brief, I have researched into a selection of website that the design aesthetic I am trying to create and also website that are media and tv based this enable me to greater understand what functionality is needed on a channels website, which is as follows
  • Information of the shows which the channel presents
  • On demand functionality 
  • Scheduling information
Within the website for TV channels the websites are all constructed around imagery of the programmes. this imagery dominates the page. Also the website use simple typography commonly in white as it is the most readable against photographic images. Similarly text is minimal is placed over the images in a large size with less relevant information being smaller and placed bellow images. Within my own design I want it to use flat rather than trying to create 3D like elements that many user interfaces have. I have researched into some website that do this, they do this effectively through sticking to a minimal colour palette of a maximum of 3 colours. 

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