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Good is New York City: Research Summary

I have gathered together a collection of research based upon the ideas I have set out within my research boards, I initially wanted to focus my research under four different topics of Transport, Culture Food and Architecture. However as I have gone through the research process this has change and as a result I have developed a body of research that fits under the following four headings of Culture, Photos, Food and Hidden it is expected for this to happen during the research process as I found information relevant to my overall theme but there was relevant information based under these headings and related to my target audience rather than the research I was finding in relation to my initial four sub topics for research. I have attempted to be as thorough as possible within my research and I feel I have a body of research I can now work with. I will now be working through this vast quantity of information to produce my research booklet and taking the most relevant parts from this research and collating this into my research booklet.

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