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Good is New York City: Information & Way Finding

The primary area for my visual research that I have chosen to explore is 'Information & Way finding' as I think this links directly with the topic that I have chosen of New York, which is a city and ultimately I will be creating something that will be finding a way to present this information or how this information can be incorporated into the 'way finding' of New York itself.

From the research I have conducted into Information and Way finding I have established the following
  • The traditional forms of way finding use keys elements such as colour, iconography and typography to present way finding to the user
  • However newer forms of way finding take this to a new level by using the environment itself as a way to project this information into the environment so rather than having a way finding stuck on the wall, its becomes a part of environment itself
  • Another key aspect  is modern graphic way finding is use of digital technologies in such devices as smart phones, these new forms of device which are highly powerful enable way finding to become personal, unique and updatable to each individual user.
  • Ultimately regardless of the format of the way finding it's communicative success is as a result of it's successful use of colour, icons and typography. 

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