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Theory into Practice: Concept Development

After the first crit and concept pitch, my ideas seemed to be well received however after a group discussion with the group, Richard and Fred I felt my ideas needed to be pushed forward and solidified in terms of making sure the publication related directly to an element of theory and making sure this was expressed within the publication in some form.

As a starting point to this process I again referred back to my essay and made a list of the key points explored in essay, I then made a list of common themes and topics that were explored in my essay and finally a lost of the concepts I had developed I then aimed to triangulate these three aspects into one solid concept that explore both theory and practice.

I have also been conducting some further research into the internet and identity that is not directly related to my essay content and have a found a theory known as The online disinhibition effect which is a series of six principles that relate to way in which people interact online. These 6 principles link to my analysis of Chelsea's use of the internet. I have linked each of these 6 principles elements of my essay which explore the theories put forward by the online disinhibition effect again showing triangulation between my essay, this research and the publication and how the three link together.

The concept at this stage now is to developed both a printed and a digital publication which details the online disinhibition effect and how this effects the way people behave online. The printed publication will features the explanation of the online disinhibition effect and also gives examples of how chelsea demonstrates these through her online behaviour. however the ipad component will be introduced by the ipad showing elements of chelsea's personality aren't real.

I have always started to mock up digital how this will look in terms of design. I am going to use a black and white colour scheme to keep the publication clear and simple but also to demonstrate the contrast between online and offline identity.

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