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Theory into Practice: Initial Concept Pitch & Research

My initial starting point for developing a range of concept for potential solutions to designing a publication for this module was to think about the key point that I have discussed within my essay and how these could be translated, visually or into a publication. To do this I read through my essay and mapped some of the key points onto the sheet and developed my ideas from there. I was initially difficult to think of visual concepts as identity doesn't really have an existing visual references. Within the mapping of ideas, I also thought not only about format of the publication, but process and potential visualisation of information and content. The main ideas that I came up with were:

  • Digital Vs. Print and publication which through it's formats a print and digital format combined explore the relationship between online and offline identity symbolised by the use of printed and digital as formats and processes. 
  • Mirror: As the publication is about identity, potential working with mirror could work in terms of getting the audience to think about their own identity and physically have to look at themselves. 
  • I also thought about the grid could be used to show the fragmentation of the identity through breaking the visual grid within the design and layout 
  • Additionally to this I've considered using a range of different fonts within the design to demonstrate the flexibility and adaptable identity that users create online 

A possible name for publication could be 'Zoom in, Zoom out' immediately making a reference to digital culture and digital terminology but having a underlying meaning that on the surface (zoomed out) you make identify with an identity online but who is really behind the identity (zoomed in) the real identity is revealed. 

An idea taken from a quote in my essay 'Pastiche of identity' this could work as both a name and a concept for a publication which is made from several different stocks which demonstrates the way in which online identity is fluid, fragmented and always changing. 

At this point I have decided to push forward with one concept, which is a mixture of the range of concepts that I have already started to consider and I will deliver this in the concept pitch. The concept is to create a concertina publication which folds out, demonstrating the changing and adapting identity shown through the format expanding as the audience interact with the publication. At the point I have also decided to go with the name Zoom in, Zoom out. I also want the front of this publication to be made from mirrored card, so that the audience is aware that publication will question how they think about their identity. 

For the content of the publication I thought about contacting the Sunny Cross, the female I discussed an analysed within my essay and ask for some of the chat logs that she shared during in her online relationship, and the present these within the publication to show how the relationship and the identity developed over time and then weave bits of theory into the publication to explain exactly what is happening in the relationship in relation to the academic theory I have been discussing and researching. 

I have also started looking at potential layouts, fonts and formats as well as engaging in some initial visual research in how I want the publication to look visually.

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