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Good is New York City: (Concept Research) 2.8 Hours Later

One of the concepts I have develop as part of my initial three concepts is the idea of way finding app in which users take a tour of new city using there phone and move from point to point but from one interesting location to another and these locations are out of the ordinary alike the places I have explored in my initial research about New York City, this is similar to the real world game called 2.8 hours laters.

What is 2.8 hours later?
Run. Understand that at every moment you are being hunted; by zombies, by police, by vigilantes. Starting from a secret border location, you are issued with a map and the address of the first location you must reach, somewhere in your quarantined city. Each location will immerse you further into the world of 2.8, where being bitten by a zombie doesn't just mean infection, it could mean quarantine. As you journey further into the game you uncover clues to the location of the mysterious Asylum. Once there, you will be scanned for infection – if you are infected you are transformed into one of the zombie horde. Asylum is a place of refuge for the infected and non infected alike, where both can live in harmony and get down at the Zombie Disco – THE party at the end of the world.

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