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Good is New York City: Retail & Promotion

My secondary form of research area into contemporary graphic design is retail and promotion as ultimately the products that I will be creating will have the aim of promoting New York City to Tourists so I think it is relevant for me to look into this area of Graphic Design.

From the research I have gained a deeper understanding of retail and promotion and primarily, it's not just about flyers and posters, its so much more than that, it's about using an existing format or a new format and having complete fun with it, promotion is about grabbing people's attention with something different and this is how you do it. There are some good example of traditional formats which work well but they don't promote or work as well as those example that do something different to grab attention. The successful retail and promotion pieces push what can be done with the format whether it's making a product or using the format in a new way. There is also a degree of translation between digital and analog, there is a lot of digital promotion out there and promotion for these digital products but these promotional are all print based and it's finding a way to bridge the gap between the digital product and promoting this within a printed format. 

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